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National Archives Demands Payment of Damages (Kshs 128,296/=) To Its Building and Tom Mboya Statue By Some Rogue Gor Mahia Fans

In a leaked letter doing rounds in the social media, the kenya National Archives is demanding for payments in excess of Ksh 128,296/= from Gor Mahia due to destruction of National Archive's Building and Tom Mboya Statue.

Part of the letter read,
'It has been noted severally that whenever there is a football match, Gor Mahia Football club fans must assemble at the Tom Mboya Statue. Whenever these fans celebrate prior to or after a football match, they leave a trail of destruction and damage to private or public property and facilities including flora along where they pass through.

In view of the above, I wish to bring to your attention that on 6th April, 2013 and 12th May, 2013, Gor Mahia fans caused damage to the National Archives. On both occassions, damaged caused has been estimated  at kshs 128,296/= for repairs, replacement and labour charge' 


The question that not only Gor Mahia, but other Kenyan football clubs have been grappling with is that of fans management. Do clubs own their fans to the extent of admitting liability on their behalf; even on scenes beyond playing grounds? 

Are there boundaries as to what extent clubs should be admitting way-ward acts of some of their rogue fans? It will be interesting to watch how this whole 'thing' will play out and provide precedence for future actions on rogue fans.
It is a tough call and a warning to all Kenyan football fans, especially to the section of rogue football fans who cause mayhem and damages whenever they come out of club or national  matches.