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It’s indeed Steven Gerrad’s and Bredan Rodger’s time for celebration. Yes, an order for the most expensive and sweetest Champagne should have already been made, in wait for final English Premier Title decider; a game between Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC.

Liverpool Fc has come along away. Over a long period of time, they have been that underdog team, unworthy of mention or recognition, when it comes to competition towards winning the coveted English Premier League. For so long, they have been that old-aged fierce Lion, which has been terribly, rained on, and many have mistaken it for a normal domestic cat. The real Liverpool FC is now dry and ready to pounce on the title. Indeed, the English premier league title is theirs to lose. And it appears that the gods of good-luck is always on their side. Some might say that they have rode on an occasional luck, but even luck meets the best prepared of men and or women.

And lest we forget, Bredan Rodgers; The current Liverpool FC’s Coach, was a former coach at Swansea Football Club; a clear indication that the best of Coaches can come out of any club, as long as they are offered the necessary and relevant support.

Love them or hate them, Liverpool FC is on the roll and I doubt if Chelsea would offer any stumbling block on their way to the title. However, even if Chelsea would pose as a block on their way to the title, then at least they will still have more to celebrate on. Indeed, Liverpool FC has come a long way and they are still destined for more glory. But above all, The English Premier League Title Is Theirs To Give Away.