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Manchester United's Trophy Parade: Robin Van Persie Talks

Robin Van Persie
"This trophy is for the fans, the players, the staff... the one thing I really like is it's made so many people so happy."

Robin van Persie was thrilled to see the people of Manchester sharing in his title joy on Monday evening, when the champions paraded the Barclays Premier League trophy through the city.
The Dutchman spoke of his delight from the top deck of United's bus, as he surveyed the scenes on Chester Road and Deansgate on the route from Old Trafford to Albert Square.

"Everyone is so happy, it's just incredible," van Persie told MUTV.
"This trophy is for the fans, the players, the staff... the one thing I really like is it's made so many people so happy. You see kids, babies, women, men, all sorts of people are so happy and I'm very pleased to see that."

Van Persie is still getting acquainted with the Premier League silverware after lifting it for the first time in his career on Sunday.

"The medal hasn't left my neck since yesterday, it's been here all night," he said. "The trophy's a heavy trophy and it's great to win it finally."

United's top scorer in 2012/13 praised the welcoming atmosphere at Old Trafford as he reflected on a successful and "incredible" first season with the Reds.

"It's been really good settling in. The boys have been really, really nice to me from day one. I've noticed that they want to share success and I'm like that as well. I want to have success but I want everyone to play their part in it which they did.

"The guys have great banter, they're good guys, funny guys, we joke around a lot but when we have to work, we do that. We train hard and we play hard as well so hopefully there will be many more trophies to come. I'm sure that will happen with this team.

"We've got loads of big characters. This is what I like about this team. Everyone is his own character, everyone adds to the team. To become champions in the end, every little thing helps."

Van Persie also had a heartfelt eulogy for the manager he has worked with for only one season - Sir Alex Ferguson.

"To be able to work with Sir Alex for one year, it's been a massive year. It's been an unbelievable year which I will never forget. He's an unbelievable manager, maybe the best ever. But he's an even greater person. I'm really honoured to have worked with him."

Story Courtesy Of Manchester United