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Arsenal's Midfielder Aaron Ramsey In Kenya For Vacation

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has been vacationing in Kenya following the completion of the 2012-2013 English Premier League season. 

Supersport.com caught up with the Welsh captain for a chat on a variety of footballing issues. 

Supersport.com: Back in 2007, many teams were after your signature. For instance: Newcastle United, Arsenal and Manchester United. Why did you opt for the London side? 

Ramsey: I love the values of Arsenal FC. Their ideology of nurturing young talent is very important to me and it played a part in me joining the club. 

Supersport.com: A career threatening injury almost ruined you career while at 19 years. How has the recovery process been? 

Ramsey: When it first happened, many things went through my mind. Mentally I was affected but doctors and specialists assured me I would be able to kick a ball soon which happened. I was told I’ll get back strong if not better and it has come to pass. I have learnt to overcome challenges as much as it was hard to imagine being tackled when I resumed playing. 

Supersport.com: You went on loan to Cardiff city in 2011, how was going back to where it all started? 

Ramsey: I went back to where I came from. It was special. It reminded me of who I am and seeing how forward they have gotten delighted me. It is where I grew up and the only place I knew when I was a child. 

Supersport.com: You are back into form with goals and assists for Arsenal, how does it feel?
Ramsey: We are getting wins and good performances. I’m glad to assist the team and it gives you confidence if you know you are regaining your good form. 

Supersport.com: Arsenal has managed to finish fourth and make the Champions League next season. How challenging was last season? 

Ramsey: It was a great finish. We just needed to do the same with every match and keep calm. Our experience in such situations carried the day and team cohesion helped to see us through. I hope we take the form to next season and contend for titles. 

Supersport.com: Coaches come and go in the EPL, what is different with Arsene Wenger? 

Ramsey: The league is a different ball game and clubs change management and take a while for them to get their footing as they settle. We beat Bayern Munich away 2-0 and that shows you he has moulded us in a way we can beat any side. We are delighted that he is with us. 

Supersport.com: What’s your opinion on the possible return of coach Jose Mourinho back to the EPL? 

Ramsey: He is good for the premiership plus his personality is always something else. 

Supersport.com: How has life under Wenger been? 

Ramsey: He is a great coach, he inspires us a lot and we get along with him. He has done great things for the club as a person. It is always good working under him. 

Supersport.com: You were Wales captain and had the opportunity to work with legendary Gary Speed. How was your experience as a leader? 

Ramsey: Gary Speed was a very good tactician. He helped the team and working with him was a pleasure. As a leader of the national side you hope to drive the team forward. 

Supersport.com: What are your thoughts on African football? 

Ramsey: I don’t know much about it but it has developed over the years. I know of Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Nigeria which has graced the game with great players plus for Super Eagles I have seen them featuring at Afcon and World Cup. 

Supersport.com: What advise do you have for kids who want to be like you? 

Ramsey: They should always listen and be willing to learn. That will help them be better themselves every day and improve as a player. 

Supersport.com: Away from football, what do you do for leisure? 

Ramsey: I play golf and love rugby. I used to be as a fly half...Courtesy of Supersport