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Arsenal and PUMA launch left-footed ball

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Arsenal Football Club and official club partner PUMA have unveiled a world first - the Left-Footed evoPOWER Football. 

Story Courtesy of Arsenal Football Club: Designed exclusively for Arsenal, the Left-Footed evoPOWER Football was created to increase the accuracy, power and precision of a left-footed player.

In a game currently dominated by right-footed players and right-footed equipment, the club felt it was crucial to develop kit specifically for their numerous left or two-footed players.

Arsenal approached PUMA to see if they might be able to help and in their first season with the club, they have done just that.

Santi Cazorla, Mesut Ozil, Nacho Monreal and Hector Bellerin were the first players to test the new ball and the results were incredible. After trying the ball for the first time, two-footed player Cazorla had just one thing to say: “It’s unbelievable!” Right-footed player Bellerin said: “It’s a bit tricky to use on your right foot but it instantly improved my left foot.”

Speaking about the launch, Keith Woods, PUMA’s senior product line manager for teamsport accessories, said: “This football will not only improve the overall game of left and two-footed players, it is also the perfect training aid for the right-footed player’s weaker left-foot. A left-footed player finally has the benefits that a right-footed player has always had with footballs to date.”

The new Left-Footed evoPOWER Football will be available exclusively at Arsenal’s official online store, Arsenaldirect.com soon…